JGArchitects’ Trinidad & Tobago Permanent Mission On Exhibition

JGArchitects is pleased to announce that digital representations of its project for the Chancery for the Permanent Mission of Trinidad and Tobago to the United Nations were selected for a juried exhibition at FIT / State University of New York’s Great Hall in Manhattan.

Located in New York City near the United Nations, the Permanent Mission develops principled positions of policy advanced by Trinidad and Tobago within the United Nations on a wide range of global issues.

Program Strategies

  • The Mission wished the space to function for a number of different scenarios, including:
    • Event: Hosting U.N. -related functions and events
    • Lecture: Hosting lectures and presentations for the larger Trinidad and Tobago community
    • Conference: Hosting meetings and conferences of the countries of the Caribbean community; as well as in-house meetings, including with government officials in port-of-Spain via televideo

As it was not space-wise possible to provide a separately designated area for each of these scenarios, JGArchitects proposed one multi-function space which could accommodate all of these activities deploying a combination of moveable walls; multi-scene dimmable lighting; automated multiple window treatments; and furniture which when not in use, could store away easily and compactly, –including a twenty-person wired conference table.

  • Not requested by the Mission, but taking a cue from the practice’s recent workplace projects for other clients sectors, JGArchitects proposed and the Mission agreed that all work areas would be reduced in size approximately 10%, to allow for a Lounge / Informal Alternate Work Area / Meeting Space which could also double as an extension of the Event area.

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