Exhibition: Cooper Union’s Great Hall Gallery

Selected Ceramic Work, a handmade limited edition hand-stitched book created by photographer Suchitra Van and graphic designer Nette Gaastra, documenting ceramic pieces by Joseph Goldstein was included in a group exhibition of architects associated with the Congress of International Modern Architects [“CIMA”], at Cooper Union’s Great Hall Gallery, New York, NY.

In addition to the book, which featured photographs of Joseph Goldstein’s “Closed Forms Re-Opened Series”, “Untitled”, “Into Its Constituent Rings”, “Self-Portrait In Pottery”, “Goblet Series”, and “Raku Vases” ceramic pieces. In addition to work by Joseph Goldstein, Board Secretary of CIMA, the exhibition also included work by CIMA Board members John Johanson, Harry Seidler, Richard Meier and Ati Gropius.

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